KUWAIT: Police arrested a man after he allegedly killed his sister in Taima, local reports said yesterday. The victim reportedly called police to seek help, saying that she had been held captive inside her home for two months. When her brother found out, he attacked her with a knife before police made it to the scene, and she was dead by the time they arrived, Al-Qabas Arabic newspaper reported. The suspect was placed under arrest following resistance, then taken to the concerned authorities for further action.

Gunshot wound
Separately, a report emerged yesterday with more details on a shooting that took place in the same area and left one person dead. The victim died of a gunshot wound in the abdomen fired from a policeman’s weapon while he was resisting arrest, Al-Anbaa Arabic daily reported quoting a police source. “Two policemen were manning a check point in the Taima district of Jahra when they saw a vehicle driving in the wrong direction in an attempt to escape, but it ran into a blocked street,” the report reads, quoting the source. “One of the cops walked towards the vehicle, while the other remained in the patrol vehicle.
Once near the suspects, the policeman asked them to stop, but one of them attacked him.” This triggered a response from the officer, who pulled his pistol and fired a gunshot in the air. “But the suspect came close to the policeman instead and grabbed the gun, then a round discharged and hit him during the struggle,” the source said. The man was taken to Jahra hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The source said the deceased is a Kuwaiti citizen in his 30s, adding that the second suspect, who had escaped at the time, turned himself in later on and was transferred to the concerned authorities to face drug-related charges. The source noted that both suspects, including the man who died, have a criminal record. “Police found suspected drugs and a sensitive scale in the suspects’ vehicle,” said the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Detectives will review the patrol’s tapes, said the source, adding that the case will probably be classified as ‘involuntary manslaughter’ unless new findings emerge during investigations.

KUWAIT: This photo released by Kuwait Fire Force yesterday shows a Kuwait Fire Force boat near the Green Island beach where a person had drowned yesterday.

Man drowns
In other news, firemen recovered the body of a man who drowned while swimming near the Green Island yesterday, while another person was rescued safely. Kuwait Fire Force responded to an emergency call reporting that two people went missing while swimming near a yacht on the island’s beach. When they arrived to the scene, firemen found out that people on a leisure boat had already rescued one of the two persons, before they found the body of the other person. A case was filed for investigations.

In the meantime, firemen battled a blaze reported yesterday in a Jahra building. Firefighters rushed to the scene in response to an emergency call reporting a fire on the second floor of the building. All residents were evacuated to safety before firemen managed to put out the flames, Kuwait Fire Force said. No injuries were reported as an investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the fire.