Police detains man for insulting, threatening him

KUWAIT: Authorities at the interior ministry said an Egyptian insulted a policeman while on duty at a hotel, and threatened to throw him out. A verbal exchange took place between the two, then the Egyptian made the threats. The man was detained for questioning.

Man smashes police cars
A young man, thought to be in an abnormal condition, smashed the windows of two patrol cars following a fight with a girl in Ali Sabah Al-Salem. A passerby called police, who responded and saw the man beating the girl, so they rescued the girl and took both to the patrol car, but they continued the fight in the car, so the girl was taken out and he was left alone despite his objections. He then damaged the back door of the patrol car. Back-up was called and he was controlled and put in the car, but he smashed its windows. Investigations are being made.

Trapped bedoon
A bedoon aged 33 told police that two men and a woman detained him in an Egaila flat, beat him and stole KD 170. Police went to the flat and freed the man. Paramedics were called and took him to Adan hospital. Charges of moment restriction and bodily torture were ordered by the prosecutor as criminal detectives are investigating.

Naked man caught
Interior ministry operations received a call about two persons who seemed in an abnormal condition, with one totally naked. Police arrived at the scene and found one of them sleeping, while the naked person escaped, but was chased and caught. Both were taken to Shamiya police station to face further legal action. – Al Rai