JouharAny political bloc’s exaggerations in reminding the government of previous political attitudes to have it ‘return the favor’, especially when such blocs are weak or attacked by other blocs, are politically unwise. They might even lead to further weakness and confusion for the concerned bloc, and may lead to further concessions if any government parties show any intention to help them.

Norms suggest that the government befriends no one, and despite making temporary tactical political deals to put opponents in place or politically clip their fingernails if they ever cross redlines, it makes no strategic alliances with political blocs or social factions. On the other hand, bounties the government might grant to its temporary friends are no more than some senior positions or a deal that would soon evaporate once the government has achieved its political goals behind such coordination and eventually starts looking for new partners.

This is how any given government worldwide operates, because the world of politics is one of ‘interest administration’ and ‘priorities reordering’. In addition, our government may have a distinctive trait in monopolizing political decision by powers of the endless constitutional authorities as well as its powerful media tools that makes everyone always in need for it.

The government has been making tactical alliances with all political blocs ever since independence and thus has each national power up against each other. It never hesitated to use the same amount of violence, marginalization and alienation against the very same bloc that used to generously benefit from it and enjoy limited political prestige without allowing any given party to become a real partner in political decision-making.

Therefore and strangely enough, many national icons and leading politicians in most blocs might today be prosecuted in state security cases or accused of attempting to topple the regime. They might also become members in the Kuwaiti scene tomorrow or vice versa according to local power balances and political arrangements.

Accordingly, attempts to befriend the government during tough political situations will not work and the government might not even respond to them in the first place. Even if it does, this will be limited and within the government’s tactics. So, all political blocs must realize the rules of the game and take whatever stances according to the principles they really believe in without waiting for bosses’ rewards in return! – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Dr Hassan Abdullah Jouhar