GhannamGood morning my dear and honorable readers and I wish you a pleasant new academic year. In this article I would like to narrate a story of a domestic worker who came here thinking that gates of heaven would open up for her and ended up in a nightmare.

Fatma, which is not her real name, spoke with tears shedding from her eyes every day as she was narrating her story, which started by saying that she had an idea from a friend back in her country that Kuwait is a paradise in terms of living conditions, salaries, treatment and so on. Fatma then decided to sell her small property and some of her cattle and paid a bundle to the agency back then for her dream to come true. She obtained the airline ticket and was promised by the agency that her salary would be nearly 200 Kuwaiti dinars a month. She was so happy that she may pay back what she had sold and compensate.

She then arrived to the ‘dream country’ and as the gates of the airport opened, she was welcomed by the recruiting office representative who promised her that everything was all right. She then reached the office which was crampacked by customers who were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the plane from that country.

Few minutes later, Fatma’s name was called loudly by the office’s secretary.

Fatma replies: Yes madam.

The madam answers: Get ready to go with this family to work in the house.

Fatma got shocked when she heard that and replied by saying she was promised to work outside not in a house and was also promised high salary. “We cannot do anything about it,” the secretary replied.

Fatma starts screaming and yelling, wanting to go home and suddenly was forced by a number of helpers, who carried her to the new sponsor’s car, and she was locked up inside.

She arrives in the house and sits still doing nothing but crying and crying, but that did not help. She waited till the next morning and was taken back to the office for refusing to work.

Fatma ended up going from house to house to up to 15 houses while insisting not to work. She thought of an evil idea to come out of this dilemma by escaping from the last house. She packed her bags and sneaked out from the house to the street at dawn and fortunately a taxi was passing by, who took her to the unknown destination.

It is the hell of Jleeb Al- Suhyoukh, where she was locked up behind prison-like fortified steal gates. She was forced to practice prostitution until she was caught by police along with others.

Fatma ended up going to the deportation center and remained there for almost a month before she was deported.

Her dream vanished at the moment she entered Kuwait.

Now, the question arises, who is to blame?

Do we blame the recruitment agency back in her country or the agency here which did not adhere to the contract?

Have patience Fatma, and you will regain your right before Almighty Allah in Judgment Day.

Until the next article insha Allah

By Talal Al-Ghannam