KUWAIT: Director General of the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation Ahmad Al-Hassan said major road projects are progressing as planned and are on schedule. He added they are part of the development plan that will transform Kuwait into a financial and economic hub in the region. Two intersections on Al-Ghaos Road will be closed temporarily to install pedestrian bridges during the weekend, Hassan added.

The first closure, from 03:00 am until 07:00 am today, will be at the intersection between Al-Ghous Road and 150 St. The second closure, tomorrow between 03:00 am and 07:00 am, will be at the intersection between Al-Ghous Road and 208 Road, said Hassan, who indicated that the process is part of the KD 70.9 million Al-Ghous Road development project. Hassan called on road users to abide by traffic rules and be careful when traversing near the specified locations during the weekend.
Director of phase one of Salmy road development project Hussein Mirza said 12 percent of the project has been completed. Director of the development of the western part of the Fifth Ring Road project Sarah Al-Kandari said the project aims at increasing the road’s efficiency and reduce the accident rate. She said the number of lanes will be increased to four in addition to the shoulders. She said the speed limit will be increased from 80 to 120 km/h. Kandari added the total length of the road is 21.2 km including highways, service roads, four intersections and three flyovers.

Engineer Abdellatif Shamsah said the project has three stages – the first is the creation of two new intersections on the Fifth and Sixth Roads and linking them with Doha Spur, which was handed over in April. The second stage is between Sulaibkhat and Sulaibiya on Fifth Ring Road with a 350 m flyover that is almost ready and will be handed over within two months. He said the third stage is a bridge over three intersections in Andalus, Ardhiya, Ferdous and Nahda spanning 2.7 km, which will be completed in Jan 2020.

Deputy engineer of the western part of the Fifth Ring Road project Mohammad Murad said a new mix will be used for the first time in Kuwait. He said the project involves many services including water, power and phone lines and other essentials.

By Abdellatif Sharaa