KUWAIT: Well-informed sources said that a parliamentary request would be made before commencing the next term by the end of October. This will be to allocate a session to discuss the manpower authority’s current procedures and conditions on issuing work permits. The sources added that lawmakers believe the process is much too lenient and that it led to multiplying the numbers of unnecessary expats within the labor market. Furthermore, the sources said that lawmakers relaying on Egyptian statistics, had already been refuted by the minister of state for economic affairs, Mariam Al-Aqeel. This comes despite Egyptian confirmation that over 8000 Egyptians head to Kuwait with official work permits.

Pupil count

Recent Ministry of Education statistics showed that the total number of pupils registered in private primary schools is 3699 compared to 126,362 in public primary ones. Meanwhile, informed sources said that a special report would be submitted to the minister of education and higher education by the end of September about the required preparations for the 2019-2020 school year.

By A Saleh