KUWAIT: The Palestinian community in Kuwait released the following statement yesterday, commenting on the recent developments in the Middle East:

“The Palestinian cause faces conspiracies that stand in the way of our Palestinian people and their leadership in their march towards obtaining their rights. Our leadership is facing regional and international pressures to accept the so called ‘deal of the century’ that was prepared and approved by those who are new to politics, and whose first concern is the Zionist entity and their interests in the Middle East.

“Our Palestinian people staged major demonstrations to reject the conspiracy and condemn the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Our Palestinian leadership moved in international arenas to document its rejection of what is being conspired against our cause, and to affirm our national right to establish an independent state on the Palestinian territories with Jerusalem as its capital, as well as the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

“The Palestinian community in Kuwait declares its solidarity with its legitimate leadership and stresses the following:

1- The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in Palestine and abroad.

2- The National Palestinian Council is the highest legislative Palestinian authority that represents every Palestinian in Palestine and abroad.

3- We support and stand with the Palestinian right to establish the independent Palestinian state on the Palestinian land with Jerusalem as its capital.

4- We affirm our right to have a just solution for Palestinian refugees, and reserve our right of return to our land.

5- We reject the US administration’s decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, and we also reject any move that changes the geographic or demographic status of Jerusalem. We do not accept any other city than Jerusalem as the capital of our Palestinian state.

6- Any personality, entity, or gathering outside the institutes and departments of the PLO is illegal, rejected and does not represent us as a Palestinian community in the state of Kuwait.

“Finally, we greet our Palestinian people and our POWs in the occupier’s prisons.”