hashishKUWAIT: Drugs Control General Department men arrested a Pakistani and Turkish national for selling illicit narcoties in Farwaniya area. The Pakistani was arrested in Jleeb with 250g of hashish. He said the source is a Turkish expat who works as a barber. The Turkish man was also arrested and found in possession of 750g of hashish. Both were sent to drugs prosecution.

Bridge collapses
KFSSD book up center responded to a call about the collapse of metal bridge on an equipment transfer vehicle hauling a truck on King Fahad Road at 1:45am. The metal bridge was lifted and put aside. KFSD urged all driver to make sure about the height of their vehicles before taking on the road to safeguard their safety and motorists.

Fires around Kuwait
South Salmiya firemen contained a fire in a residential building in Salwa area. The building is made of three floors, and the fire was in the ground floor kitchen. The building was evacuated and fire put out. No injuries were reported.
A fire broke out in a Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh house. Jleeb center fire fighters found the limited fire in the kitchen which was caused by faulty wiring in the water cooler. Power was cut off and the fire was put out without injuries.
Firemen from Fahaheel and Mangaf responded to a fire in a Mahboula building, on the fifth floor. Heavy smoke engulfed the area. Firemen found two infants from an African family suffered burns, and were given to paramedics. Residents were taken to the roof then fought the fire. In another incident, a car accident on Mangaf coastal road left two persons trapped, so firemen had to cut the car to get them out and were handed to paramedics.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun