PAHW to allocate 135 housing units By Meshaal Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: The Public Authority for Housing Welfare will be open for allocating 135 housing units in sector N10 of Sabah Al-Ahmed city on Thursday, September 19, 2019 on a special session to be held at its headquarters in south Surra.

Zamzam case
Mohammed Hassan Al-Ajmi, attorney of a company that had been allegedly fined by MOCI inspectors for commercial fraud for selling fake Zamzam water, stressed that the video showing the inspectors, the company name and contacts, had been used to defame his client and that the only violation was that of MOCI resolution number 216/2014 pertaining the ban on the import of Zamzam water for trade purposes. Accordingly, Al-Ajmi stressed that, on behalf of his client, he would take all the needed legal actions to protect his client reputation and hold those responsible for circulating the video legally accountable.

Trash transport
Headed by Engineer Maha Al-Baghli, the municipal council’s environmental affairs committee yesterday approved a proposal made by its member, Hassan Kamal and former member, Abdullah Al-Kandary pertaining the use of modern methods to transport trash and garbage in new cities.

KFSD memo
KFSD and The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), USA yesterday signed a memo of understanding on cooperation in training, research and development. The memo was signed by KFSD director, Lt General Khaled Al-Mekrad and NFPA’s chairman and CEO, Jim Pauley during a ceremony held at KFSD headquarters and attended by US ambassador to Kuwait, Lawrence Silverman.