KUWAIT: Senior general surgery, obesity and intensive care specialist at Amiri Hospital and head of the surgeries committee at Kuwait Surgeons Society Dr Asmaa Al-Rashid said the Kuwaiti female surgeons committee – a part of Kuwait Surgeons Society – was founded to support women to achieve their personal and professional goals while focusing on their role locally, regionally and at the international level.

Rashid said the committee began its activities in April 2018. The committee has a board headed by Rashid, her deputy Dr Huda Al-Manfouhi, Dr Muneera bin Nikhi and Dr Ilham Al-Hamdan, along with other board members. Rashid said that the goals of the society include boosting contributions of female surgeons in the surgical community, supporting women’s health, boosting human development and spreading awareness through leading services. She added the committee adheres to basic values such as integrity, transparency and credibility, in addition to diversity and inclusion.

Rashid said the number of female surgeons is on the rise both internationally and locally due to the increase in awareness about the role and presence of women in this medical specialty, adding that women were present in surgical specialties in ancient civilizations. She said Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were the first Gulf countries to have female surgeons in the mid-1980s, before other Gulf states followed suit.
She said the number of practicing female doctors and trainees in the surgical specialty is estimated at over 1,100 in Gulf countries, adding they effectively contribute to developing and building both the public and private health sectors. Although the surgical profession is tough, many female surgeons in Kuwait and the Gulf have made several achievements and occupied many academic, leadership and union positions. Rashid said the committee seeks to support medical students and new doctors to join the surgery field.

By Abdellatif Sharaa