Photos by Shakir Reshamwala

By Shakir Reshamwala

The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) is the largest museum complex in the world. It comprises of six museums related to natural history, science and technology, Arab and Islamic science and space. The center is home to some 22 world-class galleries, with over 3,000 exhibits.

We start our journey of discovery with the Our Earth museum, where life-sized skeletons and replicas of dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals and undersea creatures are on display. There are plenty of interactive exhibits where budding paleontologists can experience the thrill of working with fossils.

The other half of the Our Earth museum takes a look at Kuwait’s industries, rate of recycling and power consumption, and the effect they have on the environment. A host of interactive displays explain climatic and geological phenomena — the earthquake simulator is not to be missed!