Al-Thani: Ooredoo’s vision is in line with ‘New Kuwait’ 2035

KUWAIT: Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Thani speaks during the panel discussion

KUWAIT: Ooredoo Kuwait announced yesterday during a press conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel, the launch of ANA, the first operator to provide personalized mobile plans to enrich customers’ digital lives in partnership with Matrixx Software, a Silicon Valley-based company that specializes in advanced mobile software, to digitally transform the mobile experience for mobile customers in Kuwait. ‘ANA’ specializes in helping mobile customers buy, manage, share and pay for digital services.

Ooredoo is the first operator in the Kuwait market to launch such a service, which provides an all-digital, individually customized mobile product that gives customers complete control of their mobile plans and digital worlds, and makes it easier to buy, use and pay for Ooredoo services directly from their mobile phones.
Ooredoo ensures that ‘ANA’ will be the ideal platform for the Kuwait market and help provide consumers with smart and new communication technology in line with the plans of digital transformation and the vision of New Kuwait 2035.

Meanwhile, during the panel discussion, Chief Executive Officer at Ooredoo Kuwait Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Thani said, “Ana will enrich our customers’ digital experiences with the freedom to choose and customize the digital package that fits their needs through features like eSIM, roaming and booster packs. Customers can create their own mobile number, make appointments, track health, pay bills, and much more. We are proud to push the digital experience boundaries for our customers, bringing the best of Silicon Valley through our partnership with Matrixx”. Al Thani further added, “The launch of Kuwait’s first all-digital, individually customized mobile product is a true reflection of our digital transformation strategy that we are pursuing in Ooredoo Kuwait and living up to our vision of enriching people’s digital lives”.

Ooredoo is keen to use ANA to help empower a growing population of young, digital savvy customers with the latest technology, in line with Kuwait’s wider digital transformation plans related to New Kuwait 2035.

A group of entrepreneurs participated in the discussion session, where it was moderated by Mijbil Al-Ayoub, Senior Director Corporate Communications at Ooredoo Kuwait.

The participants talked about the different projects that they manage and founded, offering their advice and experience in the field of e-commerce for those who wish to start a new project in this field. For her part, Farah Saleh Al-Babtain, creative director of Group Xen, which runs around 7 different fields of business, explained that they are motivated to diversify in different areas, believing that the customer deserves the best.

She said: “We will not hesitate to offer the best goods or services available in the market for our customers.”

Babtain pointed out that Spark Sports Club project has the ability to expand regionally and globally as a registered trademark, adding “This project summarizes our efforts to provide our customers with the opportunity to choose the suitable package of the latest equipment in the world of sport and enjoy a unique sports experience.”

Abdulaziz Al-Loughani, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Faith Capital, and Chief Executive of Floward, said that the competition on the e-commerce is based on the criteria that the consumer’s think, including quality, wide variety, prices, ease of use of the application, speed of delivery and excellence customer service.

Loughani further added, to compete in e-market, you have to focus on the points mentioned, and then think about the impact of the service or product on consumer’s live. Chief Exective Officer of Ghaliah, Abdulrazzaq Al-Mutawa said that he majored in media and when he returned to Kuwait in 2010, he wanted to start with a new business idea derived from his specialization. However, he felt that the media in Kuwait need to develop and keep abreast of the developments of international and digital media, in advertising and developing its traditional methods, “The community must be developed into smartphones, and into digital advertising where I expect the end of traditional newspapers era in the upcoming years,” he said.

Al-Mutawa said that when he put up the idea of establishing an electronic media company, he was told to change his mind because it was not acceptable.
For his part, the inventor and businessman, Sheikh Mubarak Nasser Al-Sabah, spoke about artificial intelligence and how to benefit from it in projects, both at the level of companies and individuals, indicating the pros and cons of this new development.

He predicted that in the next 30 years, a man would not have to go out of his house to do anything. Even his work could be done at home through technology, hoping that Kuwait’s vision 2035 could be compatible with the technological developments that taking place in the world.

Al-Sabah announced the patent of the first Kuwaiti Arab citizen to invent a drone pilot in nine different forms, where it changes its shape according to the purpose are to be used, saying it is registered as a patent in the United States.

He mentioned Telly, the Gulf media project, which is a media platform in cooperation with Kuwait State Television, indicating that it is applied to smartphones with 3 million followers per month. “The project has 15 employees and benefits Kuwaiti students in the United States,” Adding that the project got the fourth place as the most downloaded app with four stars rating.

At the conclusion of the panel discussion, Nasser Daoud from Ooredoo’s Marketing Department stated that the company designed a package that the customers can customize according to their needs; starting from choosing the phone number, Internet use, calls minutes or any needs and services.