GhannamGood morning my dear and honorable readers and I wish all of you a blessed winter to come. In this article I would like to go back to the Only in Kuwait series as there are many incidents that have surfaced lately and I thought of other topics that may be of concern and most importantly resolved.

1- Only in Kuwait when a few drops of rain fall, Kuwait drowns.

2- Only in Kuwait when rain comes people in Jahra ride in their boats.

3- Only in Kuwait when rain comes, schools pamper the students and let them stay at home and they end up going to the malls instead of studying.

4- Only in Kuwait when the authorities say that they are ready for the winter season, it turns out to be the opposite and we can see the streets have been flooded with a few drops of rain. The Ministry of Public Works had announced during the summer that preparations had been completed and the drainage systems around Kuwait have been cleaned, and yet we saw what happened few days ago.

5 – Only in Kuwait the Education Ministry had said last summer that all facilities in schools, including cold water dispensers, air conditioners and other utilities and when the new school year started parents found out that the majority of the schools were not yet ready to receive the students, a matter that forced His Highness the Amir to personally donate to install new AC units.

6 – Only in Kuwait young students become frightened to go to school in fear of some teachers who only have threatening as a tool to discipline rather than using incentives to make the students love school.

7 – Only in Kuwait a single senior police official is in charge of the destinies of thousands of residents instead of designating a senior official in each of the governorate to ease the congestion. By the way he is in Farwaniya.

8 – Only in Kuwait you receive information about what is happening in the country through social media outlets, while the official media tends to wait a few hours before announcing what is going on.

9 – Only in Kuwait you drive along the road one day and the next day it is closed, forcing you to follow the traffic into the already-congested area in order to reach your destination. This can be seen around Shuwaikh area. My advice is that the government should have contracted directly with a Chinese or Korean companies to execute such projects that would not take that long as we all have seen few months back when a Chinese company had constructed a building consisting of more than 100 levels in less than a month time. Since there is commitment, work will be fully accomplished.

Until the next article insha’Allah.

By Talal Al-Ghannam