Only in Kuwait

Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning dear brothers and sisters – I welcome you again after a hiatus of nearly a year. In this article, I would like to pinpoint some issues that keep happening here in Kuwait and are not yet resolved.
Only in Kuwait a hole in the street can remain a year without getting fixed.
Only in Kuwait a hole in the street breaks your wheel and shreds your car’s tire and cannot be compensated.
Only in Kuwait can you find a hole in the street shaped like a heart – meaning that you love your government so much for caring for car drivers.
Only in Kuwait Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh is considered a crime zone where authorities sometimes are hesitant to deal with wrongdoings there.
Only in Kuwait flying gravel pounds your car as a result of a few inches of rain, and such bad roads are left till the end of the rainy season before deciding to fix them.
Only in Kuwait manic drivers drive on both emergency lanes at 100 kilometers per hour, not taking into account those who respect traffic rules.
Only in Kuwait the left emergency lane with a speed limit of 45 km per hour can mean 45+100 km per hour.
Only in Kuwait restaurants and cafes are more than the population.
Only in Kuwait if you don’t let a maniac pass you, you can get beaten by him.
Only in Kuwait if you give a signal to pass, you might be subject to unwanted troubles.
Only in Kuwait one can make KD 1,000 per month excluding salary when he or she gives illegal tutoring.
Until the next article insha Allah!

By Talal Al-Ghannam