KUWAIT: Sheikh Fahad Al-Nasser Al-Sabah (second right) in a group photo with boxer Noura Al-Mutairi (third right), boxer Abdelrahman Al-Enezi (second left) and other officials.

KUWAIT: President of Kuwait Olympic Committee Sheikh Fahad Al-Nasser Al-Sabah honored boxers Abdelrahman Al-Enezi and Noura Al-Mutairi for placing third at the 13th Asian Boxing Championship held in Dubai at the end of May. Nearly 240 boxers of both genders participated in the competition, representing 21 Asian countries. The event was organized by the Asian and UAE federations in cooperation with the Indian Boxing Association and Dubai Sports Council.

Chairman of Kuwait Boxing Federation Mohammad Mansi lauded the initiative by Sheikh Fahad to honor Kuwaiti boxers. He said such a move will have a positive impact on the boxing community in general and will be a major motivation for more achievements at regional and international levels. Mansi said Kuwait boxing is making good progress as per a plan by the board of directors and the Cubans supervising all teams.