KUWAIT: Old Kuwaiti passports will be rendered invalid as of July 1, 2018, the Interior Ministry said yesterday, citing an executive order issued by Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah. As per the Kuwaiti minister’s instructions, urgent cases will be given priority when issuing the current e-passport, such as patients seeking medical treatment abroad, read a statement by the Kuwaiti interior ministry. It added that that six centers interspersed nationwide have been authorized to issue e-passports, all of which will be receiving applicants all week long from 8 am to 1:30 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm. – KUNA


Inflation up 0.36%

KUWAIT: Data revealed by the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) has shown that the annual consumer prices registered in May 2018 increased by 0.36 percent year on year (YOY). The CBS said in its monthly Consumer Prices Index (CPI) bulletin yesterday that CPI rose in May to by 0.09  percent, compared to April as a result of high prices of major groups in the movement of the indices. Prices of Foods and Beverage group increased by 0.36 percent YOY in May as the cigarette and tobacco group was rose by14.53 year-on-year and 0.54 percent month-on-month.  The Prices of the Clothing and Footwear and Housing Services groups were down by 1.03 and1.45 percent YOY respectively. On the other hand, prices of the Furnishing Equipment and Household Maintenance group, prices were up 1.83 percent YOY. – KUNA


Safe landing

KUWAIT: Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) said on Tuesday that its flight No. 743 heading to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Dammam returned to Kuwait International Airport because of malfunction. The flight landed safely at the airport after taking off, international safety standards were implemented, the corporation said in a press statement. Passengers were received at the airport and obtained required hospitality, it added. Another plane flew to the planned destination at 8:30 pm. The corporation apologized to travelers for any disturbance due to this incident, it noted. – KUNA


Landslide warning

TOKYO: Kuwait’s Embassy in Tokyo yesterday warned citizens there of ‘dangerous’ post-quake landslides and floods, especially western the country. The embassy advised all Kuwaitis in Japan to take extreme caution and to follow all instructions issued by local authorities in this regard. It also said Kuwaiti citizens who may need help or find themselves encountering an emergency situation, should call the embassy at any time on the following telephone number: 03-3455-0361, or via email consular@kuwait-embassy.or.jp. Last Monday, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake jolted western Japan, killing at least three people and injuring some 230 more. – KUNA


Arrangements discussed

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s National Assembly Bureau yesterday discussed the issues on the agenda for coming sessions, and arrangements and procedures for concluding the current legislative term. The meeting, presided over by Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanem, postponed some issues for further discussion, said National Assembly Secretary MP Ouda Al-Ruwaie.  He added that the bureau urged the various parliamentary committees to completion of the topics on their agendas and refer them to the assembly. Ruwaie pointed to certain measures to be adopted for discussing the state budget and the country’s financial status, in a private session. – KUNA