Eight tons of old weapons found in Amghara warehouse

KUWAIT: This archive photo taken from Kuwait Gulf Oil Company’s website shows a part of the Khafji joint operations.

KUWAIT: Oil production in the neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia will resume in December following a four-year suspension, well-informed oil sources said. Notably, Riyadh had suspended oil production in Khafji for environmental reasons. The suspension has cost Kuwait up to $10 billion in losses, according to the parliament’s budgets committee, which suggested that the oil in Khafji ‘migrated’ to Al-Safaniya oilfield in Saudi Arabia, adding more losses to Kuwait.
The sources explained that a Kuwaiti-Saudi committee had been meeting to discuss resuming the production and working on resolving both sides’ disagreements on how to manage the treaties signed between them. Moreover, the sources said Oil Minister Bakheet Al-Rasheedi and his Saudi counterpart will meet in November to declare resuming oil production in Khafji and Wafra.

Old weapons
Farwaniya criminal detectives found around eight tons of old weapons in a steel warehouse in Amghara, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a citizen reported seeing the weapons when he purchased some steel from the warehouse and that on searching the place, detectives found some large shells, RPG spare parts and various ammunition left over by the Iraqi invading troops. The sources said that two people running the warehouse were arrested and interrogated. The suspects, Asian nationals, said that they have a contract with the defense ministry to purchase old weaponry. They also showed copies of the contracts they have with the defense ministry. Further investigations are in progress to verify the suspects’ allegations.

Bedoon students
Ministry of Education’s (MoE) assistant undersecretary for public education Fatima Al-Kandari said the ministry was currently working on resolving the problem of registering bedoon students after receiving many complaints in this regard. Kandari added that MoE is currently reviewing the total number of students and class density in Jahra and Farwaniya educational zones pending transferring bedoon students from Mubarak Al-Kabeer.
Speaking after a meeting with educational zone directors, Kandari said the meeting also discussed the procedures followed on promotions and the excellent performance bonuses, noting that around 3,000 of the ministry’s employees were not included in the final assessment reports system and that their names would be referred to respective educational zones to know the reason, pending completing the needed procedures.

By A Saleh