KUWAIT: The public prosecution released a senior interior ministry officer on KD 3,000 bail after spending three days in detention. The officer is charged with blackmailing a Syrian in cooperation with a lieutenant and a retired policeman. The charges include bribery and abuse of authority, in addition to embezzlement.

Medical error
A Kuwaiti woman complained against a state-run hospital, accusing staff of a medical error that led to her paralysis during surgery. She said that she felt severe pain in her chest, so she went to the hospital. She was diagnosed with an infection that needed surgical intervention. She said that following the procedure, she could not move her hands due to what she says is a medical error. Police are investigating.

Officer insulted
A customs officer asked a Saudi passenger to wait until he finished inspecting another car, then asked him how many cigarette cartons he had. The Saudi answered “two”, so he was told to take them out before the car was inspected. The passenger became angry and said, “take the cigarettes and search the car”. When he was asked to open the backdoor, he refused, then went to complain to the head of the shift. An argument ensued there, so the Saudi was taken to Nuwaiseeb police station, where he was charged with insulting a public employee on duty.

Traffic offender at large
Detectives are looking for a person who left a vehicle in Sabah Al-Ahmad following a collision with an Indian man’s car, then escaped from patrols that were protecting military columns. The driver, who violated traffic laws, ignored police’s orders to pull over and sped off. When traffic flow was slowed down by police, the suspect collided with the Indian’s vehicle and entered Sabah Al-Ahmad, where he abandoned the car.

Three Bangladeshis beat a compatriot, damaging his eardrum in the process, then robbed KD 200 from him. The victim gave police a medical report stating his injury. A police source said the victim gave them details of one of the culprits, and charges of forced robbery were ordered by the prosecutor. Separately, a Kuwaiti man accused his helper of stealing KD 500, his civil ID and passport before disappearing, and lodged a complaint at Sabah Al-Ahmad police station. Detectives are looking for the culprit. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai