Nurturing my child and my life - By Yalda Golsharifi
Nurturing my child and my life – By Yalda Golsharifi

Balancing a hectic schedule while meeting with brands, handling businesses and modeling part time, my favorite full time job with no excuses is being a mom to my two beautiful angels! My life changed forever with my first mischievous bundle on 12th June, 2010. I went from being an early 20 something who had met the love of my life to being a mom!

I wish words were enough to explain the joy of that moment, the moment Laila was put into my arms, it was unreal to say the least, holding my first born for the first time ever. It was my responsibly to nurture, love, care and feed this baby… wait, feed!
I did look forward to the excessive cuddling with my little one but while everyone was busy feeding information into my head during the period of my pregnancy and post-delivery I was mainly dwelling on feeding. I’ve never done this before…What? How? When? I mean there’s only so much books and people can tell you until you’re in the situation, right?

Let me just tell you, it’s quite the journey!
As the nurse walked in to help me feed Laila, she moved on with so much ease and there I was, feeding a baby?! Then came the other things that I was told that seems like a blur to me but I’m pro at now, thanks to experience of course! The view of our bedroom was quite the sight, if I remember clearly… breast pumps, pads, creams, you name it and I had it!

Details like the baby latching on perfectly, trying a million (and I mean million) different holds or even overcoming engorgement were things I mainly concentrated on post-pregnancy. I must confess it was hard in the beginning but it gets so easy, yes, easier than formula feeding with all that bottle prep required (sometimes required in the middle of the night).

I did go on to breastfeed both my girls for the first two years of their lives..yes, TWO YEARS. Let me let you in to my secrets. I’d highly recommend investing in a breast pump as well as a pumping bra. This helps busy mamas out there to be able to feed their babies while maintaining a busy schedule. Eating clean is also key to this process so you remain energized and healthy and your body is able to feed better.

I recommend feeding or pumping every couple of hours to keep milk supply up, even if baby does not want milk pumping stimulates your mind to think your baby is hungry and so your body produces milk accordingly. During my time I was determined to take my breast pump to photoshoots. I would pump in airports, taxis, airplanes and even cafes, all to make sure my milk supply wouldn’t go down. I had to empty out the milk so that my body could start making new milk.

Now, why two years and what kept me going? Honestly, it was exhausting but I knew the bond I was creating with my girls is what kept me going despite toughing it out for the countless nights. This was a gift in life that can never be taken away.
The milk also helps fight a number of viruses and bacteria since it is packed with antibodies. Breastfeeding helps mamas out there in postpartum weight loss while also promoting emotional health.

My advice after all this is not to stress, stay relaxed, calm and positive. Just let it all happen if you can do it, do not by any means pressure yourself. When you’re pregnant focus on your pregnancy, when you give birth, let it all happen naturally. We are women so this is natural process for us. In the end, some women are unable to breastfeed but that doesn’t mean the bond between the mother and baby would be any different. All mothers will create a special bond between them and their baby in one way or the other, it’s just the way we were built!

By Yalda Golsharifi