Nuclear Medicine Unit at Adan Hospital, progressive success in patients’ service

KUWAIT: Nuclear and Molecular (NM) Imaging and related science are a key component of Kuwait’s portfolio since the 1970s, providing fundamental insights into the nation’s health, well-being and therefore economic vitality. As such, our vision is to raise the par of NM and molecular imaging services in Kuwait to match the international standards, and for them to be a nationally recognized center of excellence with the aim to improve Kuwaiti patients’ health, bearing in mind that the Adan Hospital provides health services for more than 1,300,000 inhabitants.

NM Unit in Adan Hospital has gone through noticeable changes and modernization since its handover from the private management to the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2015. The unit is now accommodating five state of the art SPECT and SPECT/CT cameras, a PET/CT suit, a well-equipped radiopharmacy, thyroid clinic and the associated uptake facilities and C14 test facilities. The number of NM patient tests performed over the past five years has increased. In 2019, the hospital performed a total of 5248 NM tests, including over 1,920 cardiac imaging, 1,417 C-14 tests, 415 PET scans and 465 thyroid scans and radioiodine treatment.

NM Adan is the only NM Unit in MOH that has managed to achieve prestigious UKAS double ISO 2008 and 2015 for three consecutive years. This has had great impact on overall NM service management, facilitated on-line patient booking with a maximum of 48 hour waiting list for all NM tests and maximum of 14 days for PET scan currently. In addition, it has paved the way for the NM Unit to work towards a paperless unit in line with Kuwait’s strategy moving towards digitization of health service.

NM Adan has been involved dynamically in promoting the specialty by organizing the state level conferences and workshops, including the recent events: CT workshop, Thyroid workshop, NM week. It also organized a number of in-house teaching and training for physicians (KIMS), technologists and scientific staff in collaboration with the manufacture providers through local agents, which resulted a well-trained staff.

NM Unit is progressing actively in research and development including coronary artery disease, lung cancer and biomarker, pediatric hyperinsulinism, CT dose audit, Y90 PET/CT synovectomy, and 3D Printing for medical application and in association with other specialties nationally and internationally. It has also been successful in receiving a number of research grants from Kuwait Foundation of Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and has published the outcome of the research in a number of well-respected international journals including Journal of Medicine (USA), journal of Internal of Medicine (USA), International Journal of Recent Scientific Research (USA) and many more.