Labeed Abdal

Many columnists have harshly criticized the government and His Highness the Prime Minister as of late. Members of Britain’s parliament, the world’s oldest, recently criticized the Prime Minister for visiting the new US president, and inviting him to visit Britain. Most of those members criticized Donald Trump’s policy towards immigrants and Muslims in general.
Such criticism is staged and both the British and Kuwaiti people know better. Britain has had hundreds of years of democracy, while Kuwait faces challenges with neighbors who still know nothing about democracy.

Generation after generation, people have been calling cabinet members to show more patriotism, but many of  them only acted according to the old saying that says ‘finders keepers.’ This has been the base of endless public fund violations inside and outside Kuwait.

Those violations were innumerable because the looters either had blue jackets, thought they have or even never had any jacket of any color. They just want to join the club. So, they picked their bags and started shopping in a yard of blackmail and biddings to end up taking a first class ticket to the front seats in a state where all acquaintances and loved ones who knew on which side bread is buttered are relaxing, sharing goodies and drinking coffee.

Those columnists seem to have forgotten, or to be pretending to have forgotten, large and small countries that caused both the World Wars. They have no objection to driving us a third, so that they can sell spare parts for the planes and fighters they sell during proxy wars they meticulously planned for. Dear readers, you do know all the sides of these wars and you do have the answers!

By Labeed Abdal