KUWAIT: Prominent opposition lawmaker Shuaib Al-Muwaizri yesterday ignored for the second time an invitation by the legal committee to discuss the constitutionality of a grilling he had submitted against the prime minister. The government claimed that the grilling violated the constitution and argued that it must be reviewed by the legal committee to see if it complies with the constitution to be debated. Opposition MPs strongly rejected the move, which was approved by pro-government lawmakers and all present Cabinet ministers.

The legal committee last week invited Muwaizri to hear his opinion on the issue but he abstained. The committee then invited Muwaizri again for yesterday’s meeting, but he again ignored the invitation. The lawmaker did not make any comment on the issue, but it is clear that he is annoyed by the Assembly’s decision to refer the grilling to the legal committee. Rapporteur of the panel MP Khalil Abul said the committee will not invite Muwaizri again but its report to the Assembly will not be ready for debate today, but for the Dec 25 session.