KUWAIT: A security source strongly denied social media reports claiming that a shooting took place during a fight among a group of young men along the Arabian Gulf Road near the National Assembly. Gunfire shots that can be heard in video footage that went viral on social media were only warning shots fired by police to disperse around 40 individuals gathered at the scene, the source explained. Police had received a report about a fight between 13 men who had just concluded celebrating the national anniversaries. On rushing to the scene, policemen tried to stop the fight in vain, so they had to fire warning shots, the source indicated. Eight of the suspects were arrested and referred to the juvenile police, he added. The source stressed that none of the men had any firearms in their possession, and strongly denied any political aspects to the incident. Finally, the sources urged the public to avoid spreading rumors and inaccurate information without checking with relevant authorities.

Security restrictions
MP Mohammed Hayef described ‘security restrictions’ as a chaotic measure that has been causing trouble for everyone including citizens, bedoons (stateless) and expats without any constitutional basis. He added that these measures sometimes exceed the person and affect the entire family. “This is a violation of human rights,” he stressed.  Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Hayef said that a bill had been proposed to regulate ‘security restrictions’, as once imposed on someone, they remain in effect for a long period. These measures can be slapped because of taking part in a demonstration or attending a certain seminar, for example.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi and A Saleh