KUWAIT: Commerce and Industry Minister and Acting Minister for Youth Affairs Khalid Al-Roudhan rejected MPs’ plan to allow citizens working in government to obtain commercial licenses, relying on a circular from the Civil Service Commission. Roudhan expressed this in a report he sent to the National Assembly as a reply to a proposal by MP Faisal Al-Kandari, which was approved by the parliamentary finance and economic committee.

Experts’ services
Justice Minister and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Faleh Al-Azb issued a decision increasing fees related to experts’ services for citizens and expats. The new fees will be as follows:
1. KD 20 for each session held by the expert for each working day.
2. KD 30 for each session held by the expert for each working day at the place of the dispute or outside the department for inspection and checking documents.
3. KD 20 for the expert’s appearance in court to discuss the report.
4. KD 15 as transport fees outside the department.
5. KD 10 for printing and depositing the report.
The report set fees of experts for private residences, residential units, chalets and commercial stores at KD 50, and KD 100 for residential or commercial residences and KD 50 for the work related to industrial or agricultural land.

New structure
Ministry of Public Works (MPW) officials informed the Civil Service Commission (CSC) about the proposed new ministry structure, Undersecretary Awatif Al-Ghunaim said. She said the structure includes the transfer of the environment department from the sanitary engineering sector to the direct supervision of the undersecretary, as recommended by the higher council for the environment. She said the structure will create a department for geo-information on the instructions of the Cabinet and will be linked to the municipality. He said a new department will operate Jaber Bridge and another the airport project.

By A Saleh