KUWAIT: The criminal court sentenced a Kuwaiti company manager and an Egyptian man to 15 years in jail and seven Egyptians for 10 years in a human trafficking case, Al-Rai Arabic daily reported yesterday. The prosecution referred the manager and the suspects to court, charged with bringing their compatriots to Kuwait and falsely telling them there was work for them. The prosecution charged all of them with human trafficking.

The victims were brought in by a company managed by the first accused, who took their passports. They were tricked into believing that they were hired in Kuwait in various professions for wages of KD 150 per month each, in addition to other advantages. They were charged money for work contracts. The suspects took advantage of the victims’ plight in order to take additional money from them and restrict their freedom.

Felony and kidnapping
A security source said a Kuwaiti told them he saw a woman near Doha chalets who seemed disoriented. The woman claimed she was kidnapped, so West Sulaibkhat police responded and found the citizen with the woman, who did not have an ID on her, Al-Rai Arabic daily reported yesterday. She claimed that she took a taxi from Nahda to take her to Doha, but after she boarded the car, she was beaten by the driver who also took her phone, before losing consciousness after he placed a scarf on her face. She said when she came around, she found herself on the ground without clothes. The victim was taken by police to Sabah Hospital to obtain a medical report. A deputy prosecutor questioned her and asked a felony and kidnapping case be registered. Detectives are investigating.