Nine percent drop in accident fatalities

KUWAIT: KFSD’s PR and media manager Brig Khalil Abdul Redha Al-Amir said 2018 statistics showed a 9 percent drop in accident fatalities compared to 2017, noting that the drop was the result of the awareness campaigns KFSD organizes to reduce human and material losses. Amir also hailed the role played by both citizens and expats in reducing the number of fires and urged them to use fire prevention measures in their houses including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and first-aid kits.

Female citizen gets 5 years
The court of cassation yesterday sentenced a female citizen to five years with labor over charges involving a state security case. According to the case, the woman had stolen her husband’s mobile phone and used it, pretending to be him, to post tweets calling for toppling the Kuwaiti regime and slandered HH the Amir and Shiites. She did this to get back at her husband for getting married to another woman.
MCI forms special committee

After surviving a no-confidence motion in parliament, Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan formed a special committee to investigate the points included in the grilling motion to resolve them. Roudhan also urged all MoCI officials to prepare special plans to replace expats with citizens, and this includes advisors whose contracts will not be extended.

Health coverage
Head of the ministry of health media office Dr Ghalia Al-Mutairi announced that universal health coverage indicators in Kuwait show that 67 percent of the population uses modern birth control methods, 71 percent get pre-birth medical care, 99 percent vaccinate their children, 82 percent seek medical care for children with pneumonia and that 84 percent received successful TB treatment. Speaking at a special ceremony held to celebrate World Health Day, Mutairi said the comprehensive health coverage indicators in Kuwait also include the provision of 106 doctors and 3.3 psychiatrists per 100,000 people and 20.4 hospital beds per 10,000 residents.

MEW hires 155 Kuwaitis
Recent statistics showed 155 Kuwaitis have been appointed in the ministry of electricity and water compared to February, when only 86 were appointed, said informed sources, noting that no expats were appointed in this period. The sources added that statistics also showed that 172 employees had been terminated, including 133 citizens and 39 non-Kuwaitis.

By A Saleh, Meshaal Al-Enezi