By Abdullatif Al-Sharaa

KUWAIT: A project to build a new road connecting the Saad Al-Abdullah road with the Bihaith gate is 94 percent complete, the project’s engineer Jaber Al-Qallaf said, adding that it is being completed by the Public Authority for Roads and Transport (PART) as part of efforts to develop the country’s road network to support Kuwait’s development plans.

“This is considered one of the most important projects PART is currently carrying out,” Qallaf said, adding that it falls under the main plans of developing the infrastructure in northern Kuwait area, and according to the structural plan to serve the planned housing cities of Sabriya, north Subbiya, and Silk City.

The 27.5 kilometers long road is the first stage of the regional road that extends all the way to Abdaly border outlet, he said, adding that it was designed with a high service level to meet future needs of the area and provide high safety measures, while increasing the logistic capacity to serve transport of goods and passengers smoothly from Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port to other roads.