KUWAIT: Public hospitals and polyclinics around Kuwait are gearing up to start collecting increased fees for services offered to expatriates on Sunday. The Health Ministry reportedly sent lists containing the new fees to local medical facilities, which include charging KD 5 for visiting the emergency department of general hospital, KD 10 for going to outpatients clinics, KD 10 per day for inpatients, KD 30 for staying at the intensive care unit (ICU), KD 50 for the private room and KD 200 as deposit. As for maternity, KD 10 will be collected per visit, in addition to KD 50 paid for normal delivery.

Extra budget
Kuwait University asked the Finance Ministry to transfer KD 10 million to its account on extraordinary basis, saying that the amount is needed to meet its commitments. The university explained that its cash accounts’ balance at Kuwait Central Bank is not enough to meet the current necessary expenses.

By A Saleh