LabeedRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently warned of catastrophic consequences if the conflict in Syria drags on, saying the world has slid into a “new Cold War.” He also criticized the West’s “unfriendly” policy against his country, which is not actually against it because antagonism and political paradoxes are widely prevailing worldwide.

The continuation of sanctions imposed by the West on the East and others imposed by East on the West have made the world retreat and made small and minor countries do the same with neighboring countries, and thus, new, unnecessary conflicts are being created, opening for more chaos, loss of control and side conflicts that consume all peace efforts here and there.

The Russian premier went as far as describing NATO’s expansion towards eastern Europe as ‘unfriendly’ towards Russia while cooperation was needed more than intimidation to face many challenges such as terrorism and regional conflicts, which is a fact seen by the entire world and requires that the international community increase international standards of accountability.

Meanwhile, we have been witnessing the G20 countries and the 30+5 group discussing various important international issues but excluded blaming major powers for practicing threats and violating the rule of the game by striking ‘below the belt’, especially on testing a new arsenal of innovative lethal and destructive weapons.

The world needs a sort of balancing to serve the principles of international peace and security. Old principles used by a minority that has been manipulating international laws and boasting about it must be forgotten because they only contribute to creating more chaos, especially when major powers turn blind eyes!

We so often say that we have already started the 21st century and are supposed to get rid of some old and heavy ‘luggage’. Many old stories are being told in a modern way. Same mistakes are being committed by new generations repeating what their ancestors did, while forgetting that international justice was a humanity demand regardless of introductions and fake definitions made in the past. Nothing is like using the right names and clear definitions in unsolved issues that have been antagonizing the human conscience with numerous victims

By Labeed Abdal