KUWAIT: A man beat his neighbor in Rabiya following a dispute over a parking spot. The man, bedoon, went to the local police station and lodge a complaint against the Kuwaiti national.

Capital police are investigating video footage for a fight that allegedly took place in a restaurant in Sharq. Those involved in the fight are believed to be adolescents. The restaurant’s owner opted against lodging a complaint.

Fugitive arrested
Fintas police arrested man wanted for the civil execution department on a KD 21,000 case. The arrest was made when patrol officers noticed a driver roaming in his car during a late hour of night. When they stopped the driver, the man got out of his car and attempted to run, but was caught despite showing fierce resistance.

Three held for resisting arrest
Three persons, including a man wanted by criminal detectives, resisted police in Sulaibiya area and beat one officer in an attempt to free the fugitive, before the three were arrested with backup’s help. The three were spotted in a car with totally tented windows. Police stopped the car and later discovered that one of the men is wanted by detectives. When police started procedures of arresting him, the three resisted police and beat one of the policemen. The officers asked for back up and eventually made the arrests. – Al-Rai