Al-Sager: We set the pathway to pioneering in the banking sector

KUWAIT: Isam Al-Sager, Group CEO at the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) received “Distinguished Services to Arab Banking” award from The Arab Bankers Association (ABA) in London for his outstanding efforts and lasting contribution in the banking field. The honoring ceremony took place at the ABA Annual Gala Dinner held in London.

Lord Jeffrey Mountevans Mayor of London from 2015 to 2016 introduced Isam Al-Sager during the honoring ceremony took place at the ABA Annual Gala Dinner held in London, brought together Nasser Al-Sayer, NBK Group Chairman; Shaikha Al-Bahar, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer; Georges Richani, CEO – International Banking Group and Fawzi Al-Dajani, NBK London General Manager.

“This is a truly special day on both the personal and professional level. It is such an honor to be recognized by such a leading esteemed organization like Arab Bankers Association with its long history in developing the banking industry in the Arab world,” Al-Sager said.
Al-Sager highlighted that the experience of leading a distinguished leading organization like NBK poses various and unique challenges that leads you to pioneer and be a role model in the banking sector on how to continue to grow despite the challenging operational environment surrounded by fast paced technological development and continuous changes in customer needs, in addition to pursuing the consolidation of the bank’s leadership position. Being successful on the financial and operational front is very important but we also have to pursue sustainable economic development and be socially responsible.

“Since I assumed my responsibilities as NBK Group CEO in 2014, we successfully managed to further strengthen the Bank’s leadership in the Kuwaiti banking sector, continued to implement our diversification strategy and expanded our international operations. Those efforts went hand in hand with the implementation of our digital transformation strategy which is a main pillar to further maintain our development and fulfill our commitment as a bank of the future through keeping up with all the new technological developments and satisfying our customers’ ever evolving needs”. Al-Sager added. Al-Sager said: “Being a part of the banking sector requires participants to continuously learn and develop, in addition to the ability to be a good team player. These are the core values that truly boost success across all financial institutions, especially banks. It is necessary to believe that the real role of banks is not limited to satisfying financing needs, but rater extends to make a difference in people’s lives, drive institutional growth and develop communities that were the banking model that NBK was built upon.

“Throughout my professional career in the banking sector for many decades, I am still as enthusiastic as that first day when I decided to join NBK and taking on the mission to maintain the Group’s successful journey. I also have the same passion when I talk about NBK’s strategy and goals as when I used to listen to my father talking about banks’ strategic role in financing developmental plans and fulfilling the financial needs of both businesses and individuals.” Al-Sager concluded.
During his introduction Lord Jeffrey Mountevans said “Isam Al-Sager has led this flagship Arab financial institution since 2014, having risen through the ranks, after joining NBK in the late 1970s. He has worked in all areas of the bank, from credit to operations, international subsidiaries and Islamic banking. Under his leadership, NBK has embarked on an ambitious program to develop digital banking for its customers. NBK was the first local bank to use blockchain technology for cross-border transfers”.

LONDON: Nasser Al-Sayer, NBK Group Chairman; Shaikha Al-Bahar, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer; Georges Richani, CEO – International Banking Group and Fawzi Al-Dajani, NBK London General Manager during the gala dinner in London.

Meanwhile, George Kanaan, the CEO of the ABA said: “We are delighted to honor Mr Isam Al-Sager for his long-standing efforts and contributions to the banking sector in the Arab World. This is the culmination of a successful career spanning over several years of hard work within NBK Group, a leading and reputable financial institution”. Kanaan called on Arab bankers to connect, communicate and exchange knowledge to enrich the deep rooted Arab banking experience and continue improving the industry’s development in the region, attaining ABA’s main objective.

The Arab Bankers’ Association (ABA) was founded in 1980 and is a London-based not-for-profit professional organization whose members work in banks and related industries in the Arab world and in the United Kingdom. ABA is dedicated to representing and promoting the interests of Arab banks and for those working alongside Arab financial institutions.
Al-Sager expressed his appreciation to NBK team for their hard work and dedication as they consistently strive to maintain NBK’s successful path and explore new and innovative ways to grow. Al-Sager also expressed his gratitude to the bank’s customers across all geographical locations in which the bank operates for their confidence in NBK’s banking services and products.

Also he confirmed that he was quite fortunate to be part of NBK family over these years. This family is NBK’s most valuable resource and it is the men and women who dedicated their lives to make NBK one of the best banks in the Middle East region. Al-Sager also confirmed that everyone of this family contributed to the success of NBK.