KUWAIT: Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Council Meshal Al-Juwaisri insisted that it is necessary for the Municipality to supervise imported food that enters the country that is not fit for human consumption. He found it strange for an entire apparatus to follow up tons of imported food that entered the country without the knowledge of inspectors.


He asked Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Minister and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri and Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfouhi to take to task those who bring in tons of spoiled food. He said the municipality is the safety line for consumers’ health, including citizens and expats.


Separately, Municipal Council member and chairman of the technical committee Fahd Al-Sane did not like a statement by the food and nutrition authority’s chairman Essa Al-Kandari about mobile food laboratories, and considering them as his achievement.


“I introduced this issue during my current membership in the Municipal Council, on November 14, 2013 to be exact,” he said. He added that it is not acceptable for the authority’s chairman to take the kudos for the proposal and ignore others. Sane asked Kandari to correct matters and hold those who made him make this statement responsible.


By Meshaal Al-Enezi