KUWAIT: Extensive damage seen inside a Salwa building where a fire was reported

KUWAIT: After a fire broke out in a Mahboula building, 10 ambulances were dispatched to the scene and Adan and Mubarak Hospitals were placed under high alert. Four people including a fireman were injured and taken to hospital, while seven others were treated on the scene. Meanwhile, a citizen suffered burn injures on his foot after fire broke out in the ground floor bedroom of a Salwa building. The fire was put out and paramedics dealt with the injured.

Drugged cop held
A suspended policeman put on his uniform after abusing Lyrica tablets and manned a checkpoint in Ahmadi, Al-Rai reported yesterday. A citizen became suspicious when he did not see a police car nearby, so he called interior operations. When policemen arrived at the scene, they asked for the suspect’s ID, but he refused to give it to them and was incoherent, so they arrested them despite fierce resistance. Police found Lyrica tablets on him. He was taken to concerned authorities. In a separate case, paramedics rushed a man who did not have an ID to Mubarak Hospital under police guard after an Egyptian national found him near the staircase of a building he does not live in. He was found to be heavily under the influence of drugs, reported Al-Rai.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun