MPs demand probe in public property violations case

KUWAIT: MPs Abdullah Al-Kandari, Mubarak Al-Harees, Abdullah Fahhad Al-Enezi, Adel Al-Damkhi and Osama Al-Shaheen yesterday demanded forming a special parliamentary committee of five lawmakers to be selected by the parliament to investigate violations on public property committed by a company that had been utilizing lands owned by Kuwait Ports Authority over the past ten years, during which “no state officials acted to protect public funds nor the state’s annual revenues.”
The proposal was made in response to a verdict issued by the Court of Appeal on June 16, 2019, mandating the concerned company to evict an area of over one million square meters it had been utilizing, and to hand the area over to Kuwait Ports Authority void of any constructions or installations. The lawmakers also demanded listing the investigation results for discussion on the agenda of the upcoming National Assembly session.