MP questions banned housing companies

MP Yousef Al-Fadhalah

KUWAIT: MP Yousef Al-Fadhalah yesterday demanded in a question to Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jenan Bushehri names of companies who carried out projects in Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad, Sabah Al-Ahmad and Northwest Sulaibkhat and some problems were discovered in the projects. The lawmaker asked about the names of companies that have been barred from taking part in ministry housing projects, the reasons and date of exclusion and when the penalty will end.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Economic Affairs and acting finance minister Mariam Al-Aqeel said yesterday that she discussed five issues with the assembly financial and economic affairs committee and all the issues have been delayed for further study.

The issues included a proposal to pay social and children allowances to Kuwaiti female employees if their husbands do not get them, granting one of the employed parents time to look after their children and granting widow, divorced and married Kuwaiti female employees an extended leave to take care of their children.

A fourth proposal calling to allow Kuwaiti government employees to work in commercial or industrial activity outside working hours and barring the appointment of senior employees at a status of ministers in the government was also discussed. The proposals will be debated at a future meeting, the minister said.

By B Izzak