MP Mohammed Al-Enezi and Hind Al-Subaih
MP Mohammed Al-Enezi and Hind Al-Subaih

KUWAIT: MP Mohammed Al-Enezi announced his intention to grill Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subaih in the next parliamentary term, saying that his motion would include four main elements. They include violations, chaos at the Manpower Public Authority and co-op societies, care houses and the financial violations committed at the public authority for the disabled.

NA – Govt cooperation
MP Abdullah Maayouf has criticized responses made by Oil Minister Ali Al-Omair to the inquiries filed by MP Ahmed Al- Qudhaibi. Maayouf added that the minister had not yet taken any decisions about referring violators at the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) to the prosecution and warned that if the minister appoints the current acting PAAAFR director, who is already suspended from work, Omair would be putting the “last nail in the parliament-government cooperation coffin”.

IS hearing
The criminal court yesterday held the first hearing in the ISJahra case in which the accused Fahd Farraj (the alleged IS chief in Kuwait) and another suspect face charges of resisting Kuwaiti security and cooperation with extremist foreign bodies. The suspects were also asked about their relation to the Al-Sadeq mosque attack. Another hearing was set for July 30.

Oil reserves
A recent report by Business Insider quoted an analysis by Barclays bank’s Michael Cohen on the world’s top countries in terms of the volume of oil reserves they possess. According to the report, Kuwait was placed sixth with 104 billion barrels, while Venezuela came first with 297.7 billion barrels. According to the report, Saudi Arabia is in the second place with 268.4 billion barrels, Canada third with 173.2 billion barrels, Iran fourth with 157.3 billion barrels, Iraq fifth with 140.3 billion barrels, UAE seventh with 97.8 billion barrels, Russia eighth with 80 billion barrels, Libya ninth with 48.47 billion barrels and Nigeria in the tenth and last position with 37.14 billion barrels of oil.

By A Saleh