Reaching into people’s hearts was Hadi and Faisal’s only concern when they released their single ‘Moment of Silence’. The two vocally-talented musicians released their single with the dream of spreading love around the world through words. The Army of One is from where they first started their music, and the love of music was what kept them together. What is interesting in their single is the mélange of eastern and western melodies and instruments that was translated in the oud, tableh and nai (Arabic version of the flute). Simplicity was the theme of their single from the lyrics that touch your heart to the video that gives you a deep sense of love, melancholy and eternal affection. Kuwait Times interviewed the incredibly talented Hadi and Faisal to know more about their latest single. Some excerpts from the interview.

KT: It has been a long time since you released a song. Where did you get inspired from to write this song? What is the story that the song tells?
Hadi: ‘The Moment of Silence’ was inspired by love’s built-in existence. The Moment of Silence will take you back to the highest level of love you’ve ever reached – that moment when you have butterflies whenever he or she is around; that moment when you smile just because he or she smiled; that moment when you have so much to say but you say nothing just because it’s OK not to be around that person. So you both smile and look deep into each other’s eyes, deep enough to hear all that has to be said. That’s the moment of silence.

KT: Who wrote the songs and the music?
Hadi: The song Moment of Silence was written by Faisal and me. The beat was originally made by Daff Records and then remade by Saud Al-Saad from the Stylus band.

KT: Where did you shoot the clip?
Hadi: The video was made in the beautiful Arabana warehouse. It was the easiest choice to make. Modern, new, classy and exactly what we wanted.

KT: Why did you and Face made this song? Why you two?
Hadi: Face and I both work great together. We both have the same ideas, have very similar idols and our voices blend smoothly.

KT: Who are the artistes that collaborated with you in the video clip (Music, production, acting, models, dancing)?
Hadi: The collaborating artistes in the video were Saud Al-Saad in production, Khalid Al- Bloushi played the oud, the talented Abu Fihan played the nai, Medi from Fight Club Kuwait, Miniature Malikapour was the director with assistance from Tareq Al-Askar from Urban Q8 films, Balqis and Collette were the collaborative artistes and a huge part for the success of the video – Ahmad Al-Ghanim from Thouq and Abdulrazzaq Al-Shamali provided us with the artwork.

KT: What are the challenges working collaboratively?
Hadi: We are both very thankful for not having any problems working collaboratively, but the only challenge working on this project was how we can reach into people’s hearts.

KT: The members of Army of One are doing other things now – they have gone off and done individual projects – so why come back and not release a group effort?
Hadi: Army of One completed two major albums with big success. We’re now supporting each other individually. Maybe one day we’ll work on something together, who knows.

KT: Where do you see Army of One going? It’s been around for a long time, but it seems to go through periods of lull or nothing happening and then again back together?
Hadi: The name Army of One isn’t going anywhere. We started hip hop and R&B in the Middle East, so the name will be tattooed on every new artist. There are a lot of hidden talents and it’s such an honor to give them all a push.

KT: What’s your take on the Kuwaiti music scene? Has it evolved since you guys first started? Are there more opportunities now than when you started? Do you think it’s easier to get famous and to build a viable career?
Hadi: The Kuwaiti music scene is evolving by the minute. Social media is a huge part of so many successful artistes. Back in 2004, it was as easy as it is today for fans to follow up on your everyday activities and projects. Today it’s all in your phone.

KT: The clip is a bit daring for Kuwaiti culture – did you have any fears or doubts before releasing it?
Hadi: We both had no fear at all releasing this video. Kuwaiti culture has always been an open-minded culture – it’s a fact. It’s the human mentality that we should fear. No matter what you do you will always have haters and people that just want to watch you fall. Michael Jackson had haters and he’s a legend.

KT: What are your future plans? When can we expect to hear another song from you?
Hadi: Faisal and I both have good plans for the future. We’re now taking some time off from all the hard work we’ve put into the track and will get back to work soon.

By Sahar Moussa