KUWAIT: The interior ministry yesterday described as inaccurate contents of a video on social media alleging residents cannot travel without a civil ID card. The ministry affirmed that expatriates can still travel via the airport by solely presenting a valid residency stamped on the passport. It explained that any resident who has a valid residency before ministerial decision 135/2019 was issued on March 10, 2019 (cancelling residency stickers) can travel by solely presenting the residency on the passport.

Those who got a new residency as of March 10 and later, or transferred data from an old passport to a new one, are obliged to present the civil ID upon travelling, where the Latin first name and surname must be compatible with the names in the passport. The nationality of the holder must match the one mentioned on the card, along with the correct passport number. The ministry explained that it had executed an awareness campaign regarding the issue and urged social media to be accurate in publicizing security matters. – KUNA