KUWAIT: The interior ministry’s relations and security information explained that the public morals protection department saw an ad about a party on a yacht and contacted the person who placed the ad, who said the concert was cancelled, but he was summoned to face legal action.

The new patrol car for no-parking violations

No-parking patrol being trialed
The interior ministry’s relations and security information said the video of a police vehicle seen on social media roaming the streets to check for parking violations is true. It said the vehicle belongs to the traffic department and issues tickets for no-parking violations or parking on pavements, and it is currently on a trial basis. Its implementation will be preceded with awareness campaigns before it is officially introduced.

Panel to probe custodial death
The interior ministry’s relations and security information also said Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah ordered the formation of a committee over the death of a detained expat.

KFSD’s prevention sector officers close a violating facility

KFSD shuts 5 facilities
Kuwait Fire Service Directorate’s prevention sector closed down five violating facilities, as the prevention sector continues its inspection campaigns of all facilities in Kuwait to check for violations. KFSD also concluded a sea rescue course held for commissioned and non-commissioned officers at the National Guard from June 9 to July 17.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun