MoI details amnesty procedures

By A Saleh

KUWAIT: The interior ministry’s PR and security media department announced that Deputy PM and Interior Minister Anas Al-Saleh has issued an amnesty decision allowing residency violators to leave the country without paying any fines or airfare with a chance to return to Kuwait later. The ministry added that this amnesty was issued in view of the circumstances the country is currently going through and as part of the precautionary measures taken to fight COVID-19, especially since fines had been accumulating against violators.

The decision explained that individuals desiring to procure valid residencies in Kuwait and are willing to pay the fines without being subjected to investigations will be allowed to pay the fines and legalize their status if they meet the required conditions. The decision explained that this exemption includes Kuwaiti citizens’ spouses, parents and children, widowed or divorced women who were married to Kuwaiti citizens with custody of children and domestic helpers who have been in Kuwait since March 1, 2020.

In addition, the decision explained that special sites have been allocated to accommodate violators who finalize their papers pending departure, and these sites will be provided with all living comforts and free means of sustenance. The decision notes that violators desiring to leave during the amnesty will be received in special centers in Farwaniya to file and register their applications in the period of April 1 to 30 as follows:

Male violators will be received at Al-Muthanna primary school for boys, Farwaniya, block 1, street 122; female violators will be received at Farwaniya primary school for girls in Farwaniya, block 1, street 76. Violators will be received from 8 am till 2 pm according to the following dates and nationalities: Philippines (April 1-5, 2020), Egypt (April 6-10), India (April 11-15), Bangladesh (April 16-20), Sri Lanka (April 21-25), other nationalities (April 26-30, 2020).