KUWAIT: Health ministry’s assistant undersecretary for allied medical services Dr Fawwaz Al-Refae announced that hospitals and clinics are ready to receive all emergency cases of people affected by the dust storm in Kuwait. He stressed that MoH’s medical services’ technical staff and ambulances are available to handle urgent cases and rush them to hospital if needed. Refae also urged all citizens and expats not to hesitate in calling the emergency hotline number 112 to request rescue or ambulances.
Refae said dust can be harmful to some people because it contains microbes and pollen, and accordingly recommended following precautionary measures such as not being exposed to dust unless necessary, closing all windows and doors tightly, wearing air purifying masks and changing them constantly. Refae advised people with tuberculosis to always carry their asthma sprays with them and immediately head to the nearest hospital or clinic if they suffer from severe asthma attacks.

Farwaniya residency dept opens
The interior ministry’s relations and security media department said the new Farwaniya immigration department building will open on Sunday, Jan 20, 2019 in Riggae. The department added that the building has been designed to provide services using up-to-date systems that ensure facilitating all transactions for both citizens and expats.

A vehicle that collided into a high-voltage pylon is seen

Car crashes into pylon
Three citizens were seriously injured when they lost control of their vehicle and it collided into a high-voltage pylon along Layyah road north of Kuwait City. Security sources said rescue forces from Jahra fire brigade rushed to the scene and found the driver and two passengers trapped inside the wreckage. Firemen had to use special equipment to pry open the wreckage and release the three and hand them over to paramedics to be rushed to Jahra Hospital for treatment.

House fire
A fire broke out on the first floor of a citizen’s house in Saad Al-Abdullah, said security sources, noting that on arriving at the scene, firemen immediately evacuated the house and managed to control the fire in record time. One of the residents suffered from smoke inhalation and was treated onsite by paramedics. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress to determine the cause of the fire.

Fire safety violations

The Kuwait Fire Service Directorate’s public relations and media department announced that KFSD’s prevention sector teams yesterday closed six facilities in Ahmadi for severe violations of safety precautions and fire prevention measures. KFSD deputy director for prevention Maj Gen Abdullah Fahd stressed that KFSD will never hesitate to impose the law on all violators in order to protect lives and property.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun