Muna Al Fuzai
Muna Al Fuzai

Imagine sitting at your humble desk, worrying about your daily needs, expenses and school fees. Suddenly you receive a message that you have won a million dinars. Naturally you will feel joy and would consider contacting the sender or replying to the message. Surely, you will have some doubts, but there will be hope and joy that your prayers have finally been answered.

These sentiments have led many people to lose their money, because they forget that no one will give them money for free and for no reason. Remember this well. It doesn’t happen this way. Even bank draws require that you have to have an account with the bank and deposit some money. Then maybe you can be the lucky one. This article seeks to warn everyone from falling victim to the traps of thieves and scammers.

Security authorities are asking mobile users not to communicate with unknown people via Viber, WhatsApp or SMS who inform them of good news and steal their money. Professional hackers can steal data from cellphones within minutes. Authorities have received a barrage of reports about fraud, notably committed after having access to cellphones. It starts with telling the person that he/she has won a big prize, then the hackers manage to steal money from their bank accounts after accessing their PINs. This process is not easy, but a hacker knows what to do in minutes, if not seconds.

There are various kinds of telephone fraud. One involves getting the number of the target person from one of his relatives or friends, or randomly, and when the connection is made, the hackers tell him that his father or brother or one of his relatives had a traffic accident, and that he got his number from the victim’s phone. They tell him that a certain amount is needed for the hospital, and the person may rush to send the required amount, only to discover later that he was subject to mobile fraud and was cheated.

For these reasons, security authorities warn people from falling for such scams, but some do not seem to pay heed. Studies have shown most victims of phone and email fraud are defaulters and unemployed. These scam calls and emails fuel their illusions and dreams, but these are in fact nightmares that lead to trouble. So, please be careful!

By Muna Al-Fuzai