Electricity and Water Ministry denies MEW-PAY app stoppage

KUWAIT: Official sources said the Ministry of Education will not open local contracting with expat teachers for the upcoming school year, because its contracts with teachers from abroad and appointments of Kuwaiti teachers meets the need and covers what the school year and new schools need. The sources said the education ministry does not want to repeat violations attributed to it from the Civil Service Commission when it contracted expat teachers who arrived in Kuwait not as teachers – rather they were registered for other jobs.

The sources said the education ministry is thinking about banning local contracting in the coming years and limit it to Kuwaitis, children of Kuwaiti women and Gulf nationals only, and as for expats, they will not have a chance except in cases of extreme need.

Meanwhile, the ministry’s administrative sector asked its departments to prepare lists of expat employees who are to be terminated, be they teachers or administrators, as per the Cabinet’s decision to Kuwaitize the government sector, expecting the list to include more than 400 expats of both genders.
In other news, the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) denied any stoppage in the MEW-PAY application with regards to enquiry and payment services. Leaked information earlier indicated that MEW Minister Khalid Al-Fadhel asked for the halting of the application in its trial phase for more investigation to ensure authors’ rights.

By A Saleh