KUWAIT: The Interior Ministry’s public relations department distributed brochures and printed material in all governorates according to the strategic plan to educate citizens and expatriates on matters related to scrapping the residency sticker from passports and how to process transactions online at the ministry’s website (www.moi.gov.kw), which saves them time and effort. The department said the civil ID must be kept safe and its data should match the passport number and the name in Arabic and Latin, to avoid any mistakes.

Truck stolen
Kuwait Fire Service Department commented on the theft of a pick-up truck from Al-Zour fire station and not a fire engine as reported on social media. The department said the culprit is a lance-corporal from Al-Zour fire station. All legal procedures have been taken towards him.

Smuggling foiled
Member of the Customs Information Committee Nawaf Al-Mattar said 1,965 tablets were found with a passenger, who was sent to concerned authorities.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun