KUWAIT: The Ministry of the Commerce and Industry (MoCI) referred 449 complaints concerning real estate fraud to the public prosecution. The ministry explained that the citizens filing the complaints had purchased properties from some companies they described as ‘fake’. MoCI stressed that since coming to office, Minister Khaled Al-Roudhan had been working on fighting real estate fraud.

Integrated plan
On direct instructions from Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Director Lt Gen Khaled Al-Mekrad and following several accidents in the southern islands during holidays and weekends, the marine rescue department has developed an integrated plan to secure the islands by providing enough fully-equipped rescue boats and gear. The plan will overcome previous obstacles resulting from the islands’ remoteness and the number of visitors to those islands during holidays. The plan also includes having boats readily available at and around Kubbar and Um Al-Maradem islands to handle any contingencies.

Technical mistakes
Chairman of the Federation of Kuwaiti Engineering Offices and Consultant Houses Bader Al-Salman urged Information Minister Mohammed Al-Jabri to investigate the production and broadcast of a report aired on KTV1’s Good Morning Kuwait show about the ministry of justice’s building. He accused the program’s editor and presenter of committing several technical mistakes and excluding the role played by local engineering offices and consultant houses in executing development projects. Salman also urged the minister to take the matter seriously and hold whoever is responsible for marginalizing local engineering offices accountable because these offices and houses are the ones that design and supervise state and private sector projects. Salman also urged Minister of Public Works Hosam Al-Roumi to stop ministry engineers from designing projects and make them only supervise the projects’ execution as representatives of the owner.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi