Minister Hind Al-Sabeeh

KUWAIT: A plan to develop Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) is currently in the works and “will be completed before the year is out,” Kuwait’s Minister of Social Affairs and Labor said.


In an interview with a local newspaper published yesterday, Hind Al-Sabeeh, who is also Minister of State for Economic Affairs, said that the strategy to upgrade Kuwait’s national carrier would lead to better services and increased competitiveness.


With its recent purchase of a fleet of new aircrafts, Sabeeh foreboded that the company was at the cusp of new growth, saying she was “hopeful that the airline would be able to regain its lost glory.”


Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti minister touched on a range of hot topics, including the country’s proposed philanthropic law, which encompasses civil and voluntary work in a nation with a penchant for altruism, which seeks to amass funds for public benefit.


The Minister of Social Affairs also pointed out that a number of labor laws are currently pending, all of which will help design a comprehensive foreign workforce policy. – KUNA