Dr Fahad Al-Afasi

KUWAIT: The use of arbitration in administrative judiciary is a concrete step towards ensuring justice, Kuwait’s Minister of Justice Dr Fahad Al-Afasi said yesterday. Afasi, who doubles as Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, made the remarks in a two-day Arab forum over administrative judiciary, which revolves around the application of judicial methods in the settlement of disputes. He highlighted the significance of such events that provide opportunities for judges to discuss crucial matters in the legal realm, pointing out that litigation remains the most established method in resolving disputes.

The Kuwaiti minister spoke of how arbitration represents a viable and reliable alternative to get to the bottom of quarrels, given the simplicity and effectiveness of the procedure. Meanwhile, the president of the Arab Union of Administrative Judiciary Ahmad Abulazam placed emphasis on arbitration as well, saying that the procedure has been in use for as long as the human race existed. He expressed hope that the forum would prove instrumental in promoting a developed legal system across the wider Arab region. – KUNA