Dr Ghadeer Aseeri

KUWAIT: As the debate of the grilling motion filed against the Minister Of Social Affairs Dr Ghadeer Aseeri is scheduled for today’s parliamentary session, Aseeri placed stumble blocks towards this discussion by requesting explanations and proofs of the items included in the motion.

Aseeri’s request came ten days after MP Adel Al-Damkhi filed the interpellation, said informed sources, noting that the government is displeased with the motion and deems it absolutely unconstitutional and should be referred to the parliamentary legislative affairs committee. “Unlike rumors that Aseeri intends to resign from office, the government insists on keeping her as a Cabinet member,” the sources underlined, noting that the grilling motion’s discussion might be annulled if Damkhi fails to present the requested explanations.

In her request filed yesterday, minister Aseeri argued that the grilling motion is void of explicit facts and proofs, namely those related to allegations that the minister had violated the principles of cooperation between both the legislative and executive authorities without explaining in what way. She added that the motion also accuses her of challenging lawmakers and making fun of them and their voters without listing or explaining the actions or words she said in doing so.

“All in all, the grilling motion does not involve any of my actions as a minister, but rather as a citizen who had used her constitutional right stipulated in article 36 of the constitution which says that ‘Freedom of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed and that every person shall have the right to express his opinion by speaking or writing or otherwise,'” Aseeri elaborated, urging Damkhi to define the relation between statements attributed to her as a citizen and the ministerial performance for which she can be politically questioned.

By A Saleh