KUWAIT: A citizen was arrested for forcing a mentally-disturbed citizen to join him in abducting a Filipino from Salmiya. He took him to an isolated area in Abdullah Mubarak where he beat him, robbed his tablet and KD 30 and sexually assaulted him before dumping him on the street. The victim reported the matter, giving detectives a full description of the suspect and his vehicle.

Drug abuse
A citizen and a Syrian were arrested for driving their vehicle on the wrong side of the road, said security sources, noting that on stopping them, detectives found the two under the influence of drugs with a hashish joint and two bags of ice. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti drug-addict was arrested in Bayan for committing several robberies by breaking open vehicles and stealing their contents. Security sources said the suspect had been unemployed after he was dismissed from work. He also told detectives that he usually sold the items he stole to buy drugs.

A citizen was arrested on arrival at Kuwait International Airport with a piece of hashish and two cans of beer. On asking the passenger, who was already drunk, about the items found in his luggage, he said he brought them for his own use. A case was filed. – Translated from the Arabic press