KUWAIT: This picture shows falcons caught with a passenger who tried to smuggle them into Kuwait through the Abdali border checkpoint yesterday

KUWAIT: Abdali customs arrested an Iraqi driver who tried to smuggle nearly 100 rare birds into Kuwait yesterday. Nine falcons, 69 sandgrouse birds, and 19 homing pigeons were caught with the man in the operation that was carried out in cooperation with the Interior Ministry. The suspect was taken to the environmental police for further action.

Residency violators caught
Residency detectives arrested 25 expatriates who are in violation of the residency law. Detectives received tips about a residence in Ahmadi governorate harboring several residency violators, and most of them were reported absconding. The house was raided following the necessary legal procedures. The house was being used to provide unlicensed domestic help services, in addition to hosting immoral acts, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. Nine men and 16 women were arrested, and they all confessed to absconding from their original sponsors. They were sent to concerned authorities for further legal action. Meanwhile, several security campaigns were held, during which 31 absconders and wanted persons were arrested. Furthermore, 31 residency violators and a number of people found without IDs were detained, while 66 traffic citations were issued.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun